School Curriculum

Springfield Primary School Curriculum

The Springfield curriculum promotes both enjoyment and achievement through high quality learning experiences that are relevant and engaging to our children. We have an enquiry based curriculum and make links to other subjects where ever possible.

In September 2014, we introduced the new curriculum and worked to 6 themes (1 per half term) across KS1 and KS2.

  • Where in the world
  • Conflict
  • Wild Things
  • Inspirational People
  • Environment
  • Water

In September 2015, we have continued with the above approach however adapted Chris Quigley resources inspiring themes for each individual class instead of across the school. These are relevant to our children and offer a broad and balanced curriculum. Examples of these are:

  • Y6 Rich and Poor?
  • Y5 Land of the Free?
  • Y4 Buildings
  • Y3 The Arts
  • Y2 From Field to Fork
  • Y1 Places and Spaces

Whilst almost every school has aims and values, the curriculum content does not always change as a result. Our curriculum drivers shape both the content and the delivery of our curriculum. We feel that the below areas need prioritising to build the aims and values of our school, however that is not to say that we will dismiss other parts of the curriculum.

Springfield Curriculum Drivers:

  • Community and Real Life Experience
  • Effective and Respectful Communicators (Kagan Co-operative learning)
  • Achieving Success Together (Steps to success)

These drivers will support our pupils and give them the experiences which they need to develop as individuals.

At Springfield, we celebrate all faiths and mark important dates in the British and World calendar to ensure children receive a balanced and broad view of the world and a have clear understanding of British values.

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