This week's suggested timetable:

Remember to practise your timestables and spellings each day.
The Y3/4 and Y5/6 National Curriculum words can be found in the 'Reading and spelling key words' tab at the top of the Year 5/6B class page.



This week we would like you to look at the maths work from your year group. As usual, please watch the introductory video and then complete the questions from the uploaded worksheet.  


Day 1: Bank Holiday
Day 2: Introducing line graphs
Day 3: Read and interpret line graphs
Day 4: Draw line graphs
Day 5: Use line graphs to solve problems

Flashback 4


Day 1: Bank Holiday
Day 2: Introducing line graphs - Recap
Day 3: Read and interpret line graphs
Day 4: Draw line graphs
Day 5: Use line graphs to solve problems

Flashback 4

As usual, we have uploaded the answers for this week's activities so you can mark your own. Play the roll of the teacher! You can mark it before sending it to us. We will then have a look at how you have done, and feedback as soon as we are able.  We can help with any misconceptions you may have.

Retrieval Practice: Practise your arithmetic skills and begin the uploaded May Maths Challenge 


Day 1: Bank Holiday
Day 2: Bug Club: You have a range of levelled fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in your Bug Club library. Remember, wherever you see a bug there is a question waiting to be answered!
Day 3: Ancient City Discovered - First News Comprehension.
Day 4: Bug Club.
Day 5: Say What? - First News Comprehension.


Day 1: Bank Holiday
Day 2: Click HERE to watch the video and then complete the ‘Word Challenge’. 
Click on ‘The Grammar Bit’ to revise how to write direct speech accurately.
Day 3: Click HERE to watch the video again, and then complete the ‘Whiteboard Challenges’
Day 4: Complete the uploaded ‘Nature Worksheet’.
Day 5: Time to practise your weekly spellings.
Y5 & Y6 Spellings - Homophones and Near Homophones. Can you find the homophones hidden in the word search?
Y6 Spellings - Word families based on common words.

We have uploaded May's SPaG activity calendar - time to revise your skills!


Day 1: Bank Holiday
Day 2: Read the uploaded short story - Shards of Glass. Try to summarise it (retell main points) in as few words as possible.
Day 3: Look at the uploaded features of a short story. Can you find the features in the stories you have read? Click HERE to watch tips on how to start and end a story. 
Day 4: Plan a short story. Look at the uploaded ideas for a short story and choose one to use, or use the Meerkat's short story plan. Draw your story out in a map like the one below. 

Meerkats Short Story Plan

Day 5: Write your short story. Use the uploaded WAGOLL to help you. It shows the first couple of paragraphs to get you going.


A couple of different activities to choose from this week.  Remember to complete the daily activities on the uploaded May PE calendar too!
*Click HERE to join in with one of Coach Meger's 15 minute workouts. If you're feeling super energetic click HERE for another one. 
*Squish the Fish! Click HERE for a Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure.


This week we will be learning how the human heart works - that the human heart is a vital organ, how blood flows through its double pumps system to the lungs and all around the body, supplying oxygen and removing waste products. Click HERE and HERE for the science bits! Your TASK is to create an 8-part explanation text showing how blood is pumped around the body. You can cut and paste, or write, your own descriptions.


This week we will be thinking about thinking about a time when we have felt embarrassed and what it felt like. We will also be learning some things to do when we feel embarrassed that will not make things worse. Watch the POWERPOINT and then complete the uploaded TASK.


Comment es-tu? What do you look like? Use the uploaded ‘Comment et-tu?’ POWERPOINT to revise words for hair and eyes and then learn how to describe these facial features. Then complete the uploaded ‘The Incredibles’ TASK.


We are looking at how different religions respond to global issues of human rights, fairness, social justice and the importance of the environment. This week, we will identify the concept of justice by reading a range of stories. 

Read through the POWERPOINT and then read the uploaded ‘Holy Cakes’ story to help you complete the ‘What is Justice?’ TASK.


We hope you have a great week of learning Y5/6.


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