Remote learning 11th January 2021

This weeks' learning:

This week, we are learning about size. Follow this link HERE to 5 video lessons. The 5 PDF files for each day are also saved in the files to download. A lot of our work in Reception is practical learning. These pdf files will help you to find objects and talk about them using Mathematical language, just as we do in the classroom. 

We are also learning about subtraction. Using the vocabulary: subtract, take away, how many left?
1. Collect 10 objects from around the house. e.g 10 toys, or 10 spoons. 
2. Count out 6 spoons (or other object). Now take away 2 spoons. How many are left? Count to find out.
3. Repeat  this (step 2) for other amounts. 
4. Have a go at the questions on the subtraction worksheet uploaded. 

1. This week, we are talking about how to make porridge as we have been reading the story 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'. With an adult, talk about which ingredients and the equipment you need to make porridge. Write a list of all these items. As you write, say the word, listen to the sounds as you say the word and write down the sounds you hear.
2. We are also writing instructions of how to make porridge. Look at the pictures in the files to download to help you. Remember to say the word, hear the sounds and write the sounds you hear as you write each word. 

Look at the files to download which focus on the following sounds and tricky words. 
Day 1: y, Listen to the y song HERE   Zoom in to find the y words. Read them when you find them
Day 2: z,   Listen to the z song HERE
Day 3: zz,  Listen to the zz song HERE
Day 4: qu, Listen to the qu song HERE
Day 5: reading and spelling tricky words.

1. Read your books on Bug club.
2. Read and answer the questions from the Phase 2 sound text attached. 


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