Remote learning 11th January 2021

This weeks' learning:

Watch the videos, then work through the questions on the uploaded worksheets.

Day 1: Multiplication sentences using the x symbol
Day 2: Multiplication sentences from pictures
Day 3: Use arrays
Day 4: Recap Make doubles
Day 5: Big Maths: set a timer for 90 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in this time. Then check your answers before continuing to answer the remainder of the questions. 

We have been reading The Owl Who was afraid of the dark .
1. Listen to the story HERE
2. Recall from the story, what each character said about the dark. Using paper and a pencil, use the uploaded sheet to help you set out your work. Draw the characters from the story who said what Dark was like. Then think of your own idea about what dark is like.
3. Describing the character- Plop. Make a bank of words to describe Plop. Think of words which describe his character and describe his appearance. Write these words down. Then write your sentences to describe plop and draw a picture of him. If you need help with this, look at the uploaded file named 'Describe Plop' to give you some ideas. 
4. Alliteration. Alliteration is where you use the same letter sound at the beginning of words in a phrase or sentence. e.g. Big, blue balloons. Looking at the alliteration sheet attached and describe Plops features using alliteration. 
5. Using your alliteration descriptions, rewrite your description of Plop to include some alliteration to add more interest into your writing. 

Owls-  how much do you know about owls? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Read your books on Bug  club each day. 
2. Have a go at the 'Snow white' reading comprehension. Choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star level text.
3. Use your phonics to read one of the phonics comprehension texts (Phase 2,3, 4 or 5)

1. CONJUNCTIONS: Look at the powerpoint attached to learn about using because, if and when to join ideas in a sentence. 
2. Write 3 of your own sentences including using the words: 1.) because 2.) if 3.) when
3. Have a go at the activities in the uploaded activity booklet.
4. Using the spelling tab at the top of the year 2 class page. Learn your spellings at your own pace.

Science- Take the quiz on Kahoot!
Have a go at the life processes quiz through kahoot! Simply download the app or click on the link to have some fun! 

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