Remote learning 11th January 2021

This weeks' learning


Krindlekrax Read 3- open the video at the bottom of this page


Watch the video links below before answering the questions on the worksheets. 

Day 1- Please use this lesson starter video before watching the 3x table video.

Day 1:The 3 times-table

Day 2: Multiply by 4

Day 3: Please use this lesson starter video before watching the divide by 4 video.
Day 3: Divide by 4

Day 4: The 4 times-table

Day 5- Please use this leson starter video before doing the other day 5 work
Day 5: Big Maths- answer the questions, then check your answers to see how you did.

Want more practice? Try the 3 times and 4 times tables sheets uploaded. 

Day 1: Spelling words with the 'ay' sound spelt 'ei' 'eigh' or 'ey' Look at the 'ay' sound family sheet uploaded, where it gives you an example of words which have the 'ay' sound, but are spelt in different ways. Make a list of as many words as you can think of for each of the different spellings. Write the list of words to share with us. 
Day 2: Practise spelling the year 2,3 and 4 key words. Work through these words at your own pace. 
Day 3: Verbs. We are learning about verbs as 'doing words'. Watch the verbs lesson input video (at the bottom of this page) to help you.  Look at the verb mat in the files to download to see how verbs are used for different circumstances. Choose a word and write your own sentence containing the verb. Write a sentence for each category in the table on the verb mat. 
Day 4: We are learning how to write a narrative. Using the characters you created last week (look back at the protagonist and antagonist work from last week as a reminder) I would like you to plan a story. Think about how you will begin your story to introduce these characters and the setting. This about a problem which could develop which needs to be solved and then how you will conclude your story. Use the story planning sheet and 'How to write a good story' checklist uploaded to help you.
Day 5: Write your story that you planned yesterday. This shouldn't be a direct copy of your plan as you will need to add much more detail to bring your story to life! When you have finished your story, and as you write it, read it back to check for grammatical and punctuation errors. Edit your writing, in order to improve it. 

1. Read your books on Bug Club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
2. Then have a go at a comprehension task uploaded. If you are learning your phonics in class, choose one of the phonics texts uploaded. Otherwise, choose either the 1 star, 2 star or 3 star level of text from the 'Wimbledon' comprehension task uploaded. 


This week we're looking at the parts of plants and finding out what they do. First, use the word mat to label the correct parts of a plant on the activity sheet. Afterwards, can you have a go at using the booklet making pack to create your own booklet explaining what each part of the plant does. Choose which type of booklet you would like to make. You could make this interesting by hiding the facts around your home. Then, see if you can find and match them. Good luck!


Our topic this half term is about Dear Greenpeace. Have a look at the activity sheet. I want you to find out who Greenpeace are and what they do?


Please follow this link  and see if you can keep up with Joe Wick

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