Remote learning 14th December 2020

This weeks' learning:
Start each day off with a Flashback 4 set of questions. Then look at the answers to see how you did.
Please find uploaded activity sheets for the following:
Day 1: Draw pictograms (2, 5 and 10)
Day 2: Interpret pictograms (2, 5 and 10)
Day 3: Block diagrams
Day 4: Big Maths CLIC Maths
Day 5: Big Maths: Learning Its.

This term, we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We would like to find out how much you have learned.
1. Look at the powerpoint attached.
2. Write a newspaper article about the Great Fire of London- look at the uploaded sheet to help you to structure your ideas. Set your work out on paper in the style of a newspaper. 

1.Look through the Recycling presentation to find out more about recycling. 

2. In Science, we have been learning about Recycling. On paper, write the following headings:
CARD/PAPER, CANS, PLASTIC, GLASS, WASTE SERVICES (Black bin collection). Have a look around your house to see which items you would recycle under one of these headings and which ones would go in the Black waste services collection. Make a list of at least 3 items for each category. e.g under Plastic, I would write Lemonade bottle. 

3. On paper, away from the screen, complete the sequencing activity attached. Where it says cut and stick, I would like you to look at the picture and draw it on paper. Draw the pictures in the right order. Number your pictures to show the sequence of the process of recycling. 

We are revisiting our phase 5 phonemes this week. 
1. Read the Phase 5 word cards.
2. Read the story and spot the oi and oy words.
3. Read the Phase 5 sentences. Copy the sentences making sure you concentrate on your handwriting. 
4. Play Phase 5 games on

1. Each day, read your books on Bug club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
2. Then have a go at the comprehensions uploaded which reinforce our phonic sounds for phase 2, 3 or 4 or The enormous turnip
3. Using one of your books that you have read on Bug Club, write a short book review about the book. Look at the Book review template to give you an idea of what to include in your book review. 


Tell your family the difference between technology and information technology. Can you draw and write about the things you find in your home and say whether they are technology or information technology? Attached is a file 'IT or not IT' to help you recall this information.


Have a go at saying the names of the colours in French and complete the French-colours activity to show your learning.

Arts and crafts
Have a look at the attached files and have some fun creating The Snowman stick puppets or make a snowman fortune teller. You might like to try making a 3d snowman or even write the story of The Snowman.


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