Remote learning 16th November 2020

This weeks' learning:
This week in Maths we are learning to use positional language and continuing :
on, in between, in, behind, beside, in front. 
1. Look at the powerpoint and identify where teddy is, using the positional language. 
2. Then using the words infront, behind, beside, in between watch the oak national academy lesson HERE  
3. Use some of your own toys to describe the position of them in relation to other toys. 
4. Using your toys from the previous task, arrange the toys and practice counting them accurately. 
5. In the files to download, look at the autumn pictures and count how many there are. Practise writing the number of objects you see on a piece of paper. 

1. This week in Literacy we will be reading the story 'Red leaf, yellow leaf' which shows use what changes happen during the Autumn time. 
Using the talk frame: In the Autumn......, use the Literacy autumn pictures and words uploaded to finish the sentence. When you write the words, say the word, listen to the sounds, then write the sounds you can hear. 
2. Practise writing your name. Make sure you are forming the letters correctly. 
3. Using the website page HERE (you will need adobe flash) to help with your letter formation, practise writing the phase 2 sounds (see uploaded). Write the sounds with your finger in the air, on the floor, on your hand, then using a pencil write on paper. 

We are continuing to practice reading words by saying the sounds and blending them together. Look at the words on the i spy sheet uploaded. Read the words, then find the matching word in the picture. 

Every day, read your bugclub books on
* Have a go at reading the Phase 2 text uploaded. (The pup is in the mud) Then answer the questions about the story. 

Gross motor
This week in physical development, the children are practising to throw underarm. Using a pair of rolled up socks, practice throwing and catching with someone in your house. Remember to look at where you are aiming for and throw underarm. 

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