Remote learning 18th January 2021

This week's learning


Watch the videos using the links  and answer the questions from the worksheets uploaded.                             
Day 1 :White Rose Compare groups of objects.   For more practice Compare groups of objects pdf                 
Day 2 :White Rose Compare numbers. For more practice Compare numbers pdf                                           
Day 3: White Rose Order groups of objects .                                                                                                       
Day 4: White Rose Order Numbers. For more practice Order numbers pdf                                                         
Day 5: Big Maths Mat and Big Maths beat that.. Set a timer for 30 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in that time. Check your answers. If you have a pencil and a rubber, rub out the answers and try to beat you last score in another 30 seconds.           


This weeks' text is Cendrillon (A Caribbean Cinderella Story)                                                                               
Day 1: Read the story from the power point . What do you notice about this story and the other Cinderella story we have read? Is there anything similar or different? Tell someone at home what you notice.                           
Invitation to the ball - Write an invitation to the ball , Use wow words to make it exciting and interesting.            
Day 2: Cendrillon and Cinderella both lost a shoe leaving the ball. Can you design a better shoe for each of them. When you have finished use some adjectives to describe them. (amazing, colourful and other wow words)       
Day 3: Prince Cinders lost his jeans leaving the ball. Can you design a better pair of jeans and this time label which materials you would use. (Look at the label in a pair of your own trousers to see what fabric it is made from.)                                                                                                                                                                     
Day 4:  Verbs. (Watch my Video first)  What is a verb then complete the worksheet.                                                  Today we will be thinking about and using verbs to explain some of the duties Cendrillion had to do around the house.  Go back to the Cendrillon power point and read the introduction page again, (Watch the video Cendrillon verbs first) write down the verbs. Use these verbs to write sentences about Cendrillon.                                     
Day 5:  Describe the castle. WOWriting.  Look at the key words and use them to help you write sentences to describe the castle. Start your sentences with words like The castle is....... It has..... There are..........             
Read your work back and check you have used capital letters and full stops accurately.           


This week we are reading CCVC words (Watch my video)                                                                                 
Day 1: Read CCVC words worksheet.                                                                                                                   
Day 2:  Tricky words phoneme spotter                                                                                                                   
Day 3: Spell CCVC words                                                                                                                                     
Day 4: Practice writing High Frequency Words                                                                                                      
Day 5: Read Phase 4 sentences and identify CCVC words by underlining them.                                                          


Testing properties of materials. Look at the sheet and try to predict (guess) how each material will behave before you test them. First write the material it is made from then put a tick or a cross in the correct boxes.                         Follow the link to  Go to Primary                                                                           
KS1 and click on Science. There is an information video and quizzes and games for your child  to do.


Look at the Capital Cities of the Uk powerpoint.  Pay particular attention to the Capital cities. On the Capital Cities work sheet. write the name of the countryin the box and its Capital city onthe line next to it. Where the red dot is.

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