This week's learning:

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Have a go at the maths colour you find the most comfortable doing. Red is the hardest, Blue is easier and Green is the easiest. 

Watch the videos then answer the questions from the uploaded worksheets. *Not all days have video links.



Day 1: Add 3 or more fractions

Day 2: Add fractions

Day 3: Add mixed numbers- activity

Add mixed numbers

Day 4: Subtract fractions

Day 5: Big Maths: set a timer for 100 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in that time. Check your answers before continuing to answer the remainder of the questions. 

Retrieval Practice: Complete the Red Statistics booklet, the answers are on the last page.



 Day 1: Subtract fractions

Day 2: Subtract 2 fractions

Day 3: Subtract from whole amounts

Day 4: Fractions of a set of objects

Day 5: Big Maths: set a timer for 60 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in that time. Check your answers then answer the remainder of the questions. 

Retrieval Practice: Complete the Blue Length and Perimeter booklet, the answers are on the last page.



Day 1: Unit and non-unit fractions

Day 2: Making the whole

Day 3: Tenths

Day 4: Count in tenths

Day 5: Big Maths: set a timer for 90 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in this time. Check your answers before continuing to answer the remainder of the questions. 

Retrieval Practice: Complete the Green Money booklet, the answers are on the last page.



For this week's reading, there are a variety of activities for you to choose from. 

You still have a range of allocated books in your Bug Club library. Well done those children who have logged in and who are using the program. 

Red is the hardest, Blue is easier and Green is the easiest.

Sequencing Comprehension (Red and Blue)



There is also a 60 second quick read to complete: 

How Thunor Got His Hammer (Red and Blue)

Mary Anning's Diary

Reading for enjoyment: 

  • CLICK HERE for a new issue of First News (enter the code FNLOCKDOWN3)
  • This week's, 'Author of the Week' in the Virtual Library is Jeremy Strong. CLICK HERE to read to  'Romans on the Rampage!' You can also watch a video with the author, discover his top three children's book and read a Q&A to find out his favourite things about books.



Day 1:

Spelling pattern work - see uploaded sheets  to look up the meaning of the words and Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check: 

  • Spelling Patterns A - Y3/4 homophones and other words that get confused
  • Spelling Pattern B - adding the suffix -fer 

SPaG 1: CLICK HERE to learn about the Past Perfect Tense.  Read the uploaded sheet and complete the short task identifying the past perfect tense.


Day 2: Memory retrieval - Watch the LESSON STARTERComplete the uploaded true / false tasks for Chapters 1, 2, and 3. Check which you got right with the uploaded answers. Let us know how you got on.

SPaG 2: Complete the uploaded activity - Match the infinitive verb to the past participle.


Day 3: CLICK HERE to listen to and / or read the uploaded copy of Chapter 5 'I Kensuke'.  Watch the LESSON STARTERComplete the comprehenion questions. There is also an uploaded Dialogue TASK for you to complete.


       Chapter 5 - Kensuke's Kingdom                                          Dialogue TASK

SPaG 3: Complete the uploaded activity - Write in the Past Perfect Tense.


Day 4: Watch the LESSON STARTER. Complete the uploaded activity - A Portrait.

Day 5:  Write Now! Watch the LESSON STARTERLook at the uploaded 'Journey to school.' TASK. Read the story starter and continue the writing. Use the 'Question Time' to help you with ideas for your writing. Aim to write for 30 - 40 minutes and produce at least a page of A4. You may want to read your finished piece to someone in your family and see what they think. We look forward to reading them too.

     Write Now! Journey to school. 



Visit our ELECTRICITY JAMBOARD to tell us what you remember about last half term's Science topic.

Scientist Research project: Choose one of the scientists listed on the uploaded sheet and research as much information as possible about them.



Monday: Try something different with these PE board games: Jumanji Fitness Game, Fitness Snakes and Ladders (uploaded) and Fitness Ludo (uploaded)..

Thursday: Just Dance! Dance along to these songs - can you keep up? Happy, I'm Blue Da Ba Dee, How Far Will I Go and Waka Waka (scroll down to find the videos)



CLICK HERE for the video that accompanies the uploaded worksheet of activities on 'pulse'.



In PSHCE this half term, we will be looking at 'Good to be me'. You need to read the information and story on the POWERPOINT first before completing the TASK. The instructions are there to help you. 



In RE this half term, we will look at how Sheffield is a city of tolerance and respect. This week, we are focussing on charities within our community. Play the PowerPoint and complete the TASK on the final slide - What do these charities have in common? 



What makes a good game? 

Have a look at the Scratch website, and scroll down to the featured project section. Have a look at some of the projects. 

Open this project and play the game. Experiment using the different tools.

Fill in the evaluation sheet for this game. 

Click  ‘see inside’ and look at the code for the game. The instructions you see here are the scripts (or instructions) that make up the game. Click on some of the different Sprites (or characters) and look at the different scripts. 

Now complete the evaluation sheets for the following games: 



Times Zones - Watch the LESSON STARTER. Play the Time Zone POWERPOINT and look at the Time Zone map uploaded in the instructions or use this interactive one http://www.timeanddate.com/time/map/ to help answers the 8 questions in the uploaded TASK.

       Which time zone?


Use this board to share where you have been in the world. Why were you there? Can you share a picture? Can you find where Miss Tejeda, Miss Ditte, Miss Button and Miss Chan have been?



Use this board to share how you are keeping well in lockdown. You can share kind messages to other members of Y5/6, or even pictures of things you have created at home! Keep safe and keep smilingsmiley

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