Remote learning 23rd November 2020

This weeks' learning:

In Literacy this week, the children will be introduced to The Little Red Hen story.
1. They will be learning to retell the story off-by-heart using some actions from well-known writer 'Pie Corbett'. Watch how he retells the story here. See if you can join in with the actions and the story. 
2. Look at the pictures from the story and retell yourself, using the actions you have learnt from Pie Corbett.
3. Read the Little Red Hen story with an adult.
4. Think about what the cat, the duck and the pig said to the Hen. Draw a speech bubble (like the one uploaded) and write what they said inside the bubble.

This week in Maths, we will be exploring 3D shapes and how to describe them using everyday language.
1. Watch the Oak national Academy lesson here.
2. 3D shape powerpoint. Look at the shapes and describe them
3. Naming 3D shape powerpoint.
We are also exploring ESTIMATION. 
4. With a selection of toys or small objects. Pick out a handful. Estimate how many there are before you count them. How close was your estimation to the correct number of objects?
5. have a go at the attached powerpoint game on estimation. Reveal the objects, hide them, have a good guess at how many there were then reveal them to count them. 

Each day, read your books on Bug Club.
Then have a go at the attached phonics text. Sound out any unknown words to help you to read them. 

We are getting very good at learning our phase 2 sounds. We are learning to sound out words for reading and spelling using these phase 2 sounds. Each day, have a go at these activities:
1. Look at the phase 2 grid. Practise reading and writing these sounds. 
2. Draw a bin and a treasure chest. Read the coins. Where would you place the coin? If it is a real word, write the word next to the treasure chest, if it is a nonsense word, write it next to the bin.
3. Read the sentences and match it to the correct picture. (Matching pictures and captions)
4. Read the sentences. 



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