Remote learning 23rd November 2020

This weeks' learning:
Start each day with a set of Flashback 4 questions. Check your answers to see how you did. 
Day 1: Count forwards and backwards and write numbers to 20 in numerals and words
Day 2: Numbers from 11 to 20
Day 3: Tens and ones
Day 4: Count one more and one less

1. Re-read the story of 'Can't you sleep little bear.'
2. Last week, we wrote the story in order, using the time connectives to help us. (First, Next, Then, Finally). This week we are going to repeat that but we are going to add more details to each section of the story.  Use the uploaded pictures to help you write the story. Remember to use capital letters at the start of the sentence and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 

This week in grammar, we are learning about verbs. A verb is a 'doing' word.
1. Look at all the verbs on the Verb mat. Can you read the word and identify what the person is doing in each of the pictures.
2. Write sentences to include each verb. e.g The girl is running down the hill. Remember to use capital letters and full stops correctly in your sentences.

We are revising our phase 3 sounds. 
1. Practise reading and writing the phase 3 sounds on the sound mat uploaded. 
2. Read the phase 3 words. Some of these words are real words, some of the words are pseudo (nonsense) words.
3. Play some of the Phase 3 games on 

Each day, read your books on Bug Club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug. 
Then have a go at a phonic comprehension text. 

Dance and Music
This week in Music, we are listening to this piece of music  HERE by Stravinsky. The music is called 'The firebird Suite'. Listen to the music and describe how it makes you feel. Can you imagine a bird moving in to the music. As you listen to the music, express your thoughts about the music through movement and dance. 

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