Remote learning 23rd November 2020

This weeks' learning:

Maths: answer the questions from the worksheets onto paper for this weeks' learning on money.
Day 1: Compare money
Day 2: Find the total
Day 3: Find the difference
Day 4: Find change
Day 5: Big Maths. Set a timer for 90 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in that time. Check your answers, then continue to answer the rest of the questions. 

This week in grammar, we are learning about HOMOPHONES.
1. Look at the powerpoint to learn what a homophone is.
2. Have a go at the selection of Homophones activity sheets

1. Revise saying and writing the phase 3 sounds.
2. Read phase 3 words. Some of these words are real, some of them are pseudo/nonsense words. Use your phonic knowledge to help you read the words. 
3. Practise reading URE words. Sound out the word, then read it. 
4. Practise reading the IE words. Sound out the word, then read it.
5. Go on Play the phase 3 and phase 5 games. 

To continue with our learning of the Great Fire of London. Have a go at the Oak national academy lesson:
How was the fire put out?
Then write about what you have learned about how the fire started and how it was put out.

Each day, read your books on Bug club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
Then have a go at the comprehensions uploaded which reinforce our phonic sounds for phase 2, 3 or 5.

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