Remote learning 23rd November 2020

This weeks' learning:

Day 1: Multiplication - equal groups
Day 2: Recap Multiplication using the symbol
Day 3: Recap Using arrays
Day 4: Recap 2 times-table
Day 5: Big Maths. Set a timer for 60 seconds and see how many questions you can answer in that time. Check your answers. Did you beat last weeks' score? Then continue to answer the remainder of the questions. 

In grammar this week, we are learning about adverbs.
1. Look at the adverbs powerpoint to learn what an adverb is and have a go at the activities on the powerpoint.
2. Look at the adverbs mat to identify the different types of adverbs.
3. Have a go at the questions on the worksheet. Write your answers on paper. Choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star level of worksheet to complete then check your answers.

So far, we have found out some information on the Roman empire, how Rome was created and we have learnt about Roman soldiers and their uniforms. This week, I would like you to learn about :
1. Julius Caesar HERE
2. What was Britain like before the Romans? HERE
3. How the Romans conquered Britain HERE

Watch the videos and work through the activities. Then write a paragraph about each of these topics about what you have learned.

1. In the tab at the top of the Year 3 page, work through the spellings at your own pace. Choose one of the spelling strategies attached to help you learn them. 
2. S words which are spelt sc. Look at the list of words and learn to spell them.

Each day, read your books on Bug Club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
Then have a go at one of the uploaded comprehensions (choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star level) If you are learning your phonics in class, choose one of the phonic comprehensions to help consolidate your learning. 


I have attached an alphabet mat. Play a game with your parents or siblings. They need to say a sound and you need to find it on the alphabet mat.


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