Remote learning 2nd November 2020

This weeks' learning

Understanding the world/ Creative.
This week we will be exploring fireworks and when fireworks are used to as a form of celebration or rememberance. Can you think of when fireworks are used and why? One reason might be to celebrate New Years Eve, There is a big firework display in London on New Years Eve at midnight to celebrate the New Year coming in. How many more dates can you think of where fireworks are used? 
Watch the Oak National Academy lesson on why fireworks are used on November 5th each year. Here.
After watching the lesson, see if you can tell an adult about what you have learned. Then make you own firework or bonfire picture. Use some of the pictures I have uploaded to give you some ideas. 

Fine Motor
Using the firework patterns uploaded, practice drawing these patterns in the air then on paper. Copy the patterns carefully so that your pattern looks the same as the one you can see on the screen. Practising your fine motor will help when forming letters for writing. 

We will be continuing to consolidate our learning of phase 2 sounds. We will be focussing on blending words for reading and segmenting words for spelling. 
1. Practise reading and spelling the Phase 2 key words in the tab at the top of the class page. 
2. Using the 'I spy' picture read the words and find the matching picture.
3. Using the Spelling word sheet uploaded, copy the given letters onto paper and fill in the missing letter sounds. 

Each day, read your books on Bug club
Remember to answer the questions where you see the bug.
In addition have a go at reading a phase 2 text. Answer the comprehension questions. 

Continue to practice ordering numbers to 10 and 20 if you can.
1. Make a number line to 10 or 20.
This week we are looking at 1 more and 1 less.
2. Work through the powerpoint about 1 more and 1 less.
3. using your number line to help you, or the one I have uploaded, use this to help you find 1 more than a number and 1 less than a number. You can also use some objects to help you too. Get 5 objects. Find 1 more than 5, then take one away to find 1 less than 5. Repeat for other numbers.
4. Have a go at the 1 more, 1 less sheet. Copy the questions and complete.



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