Remote learning 2nd November 2020

Hi Year 1


We will be reading the story about the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. You can find it at                                                                                                 When you have watched it describe the characters and have a go at ordering the story.

Can you also read and carefully follow the instructions to make your own Owl baby?


This week we will be learning how to read and spell words with ear, air and ure phonemes.                                      Can you make a list of words with these phoneme sounds in?


We will be carrying on with Numberbonds , Systematic numberbonds and comparing numberbonds. You have to watch the powerpoint first then have a go at completing the worksheets.                                                                   Have a look on Sumdog for Year 1 Maths Challenge too. Good luck


We are continuing to observe and record weather changes from Autumn to Winter.                                                  Day length gives us an information text first and a few questions to answer. Next have a go at Seasonal Changes.


Do you know who Guy Fawkes was?  What does he have to do with 5th November- Bonfire Night?                  Perhaps you could find out before you complete the worksheets.                                                                              Cut or draw the objects you think he would need and then answer a few short questions about him.

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