Remote learning 4 January 2021

Hello and welcome back. 

I would like to wish all my children and their families a Happy New Year. 

This half term our topic will be Once upon a time, looking at traditional tales. 

In Literacy this week we are starting with a new story book Goldilocks and the three bears.   Click HERE to hear the story read by me, your teacher Mrs Shikabonga.  There is also a powerpoint  - that you could view called The story of Goldilocks - Powerpoint.  Read the story with your families.  Look at the pictures and talk about what you can see.  Pick a picture and see if you can write a caption about the picture for example Goldilocks is eating porridge.  Also look at the characters in the story who are they?   Pick your favourite character and write a sentence about them.

In phonics this week:- 

Mrs Ryan and Mrs Loton's group we will be looking at phase 2 sounds s,a, t, n, i, p, m (Click HERE to hear how to say the phase 2 sounds) and blending them together to make CVC words e.g. sat, tin, mat.   Click HERE to hear the jolly phonic songs.  We will look at our trick words I, the, to, go.  Click HERE to hear the tricky words.

Mrs Shikabonga's group will be looking at phase 2 and phase 3.  Click HERE to hear how to say the phase 3 sounds). We will be learning some new sounds j, v, w, x.  Click HERE to hear the jolly phonic songs.  We will also look at phase 3 tricky words he, she, we, be, me.  Click HERE to hear the tricky words.

In maths this week we will be look at 2D and 3D shapes sorting them into two groups and seeing if we can say the names of the shapes and talking about them.  Click HERE to see the video.  See if you can find any of these shapes in your home.  Draw me some pictures please for example a ball is a sphere shape. 

Also this week we will be looking at number lines and finding the missing numbers on them.  Click HERE to see the missing number.  Have a go at the files - Missing numbers.  You can make your own number lines and cover up a number and try and workout what number is missing.  

In Reading this week please read your books on Bug club.   Please click on the bugs and listen / read the questions carefully. 

In the provision this week we will be finding out about Winter and talking about the recent snow that visited.  Did you see it?  Did you touch it?  Did you make anything with it?  We also will be talking about our holidays.  What did you do?  Let me know on our reception email address. 

In our circle time on Monday we talked about the snow click HERE for a little reminder of what we talked about.

Please email me on our reception email - all your home learning.

Can't wait to see you all again.

See you soon

Mrs Shikabonga





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