Remote learning 4 January 2021

Happy New Year Year 1

This week in Year 1


We are reading Traditional Stories starting with Cinderella. You can watch it here     On Monday you can start by sequencing the story so you can retell it. You can add more details when you are retelling the story to someone.                                                                                                  On Tuesday use what we know about Cinderella to make a wanted poster add adjectives to describe her.              On Wednesday how many keywords can you use to rewrite the story. Perhaps you could draw a picture from your favourite part of the story.                                                                                                                                          On Friday imagine what could have happened if the Prince did not find Cinderella? What would he do? Write a different ending to the story.


On Monday - Counting from 11 - 20  worksheet. Then follow the instructions to play four in a row with a partner. On Tuesday - Writing words and numerals for numbers 11 - 20.                                                                              click here for Wednesday- Counting in 10s and ones. Then use the worksheet tens and ones to show what each digit in a 2 digit number represents. * Challenge choose 2 digit numbers up to 50                                                      On Thursday - Count one more or one less.                                                                                                                Friday is BIG MATHS day. Put the number 5 in the flower. Ask an adult to time you, if you have a pencil with a rubber you could do it again and try to beat your last time and how many you can do.


This term we are investigating Everyday Materials and their uses.                                                                               Look around the room you are in. Can you find 3 items made from wood, metal, glass and plastic?  Make a table using the four materials and draw or write what you have found in each one.                                                               Use the worksheet Properties of Materials to record properties of each material in the list.


This week we will be revisiting CVCC words and CCVC words   

Login to Phonics Play  Username :victorian   password: spring1875                                                                            On Monday add the extra consonant to make  CVCC word, read the sentence and underline the CVCC words.      On Tuesday and Wednesday look at the Tricky word powerpoint, practice reading and writing the words.  You can play the tricky word game with a partner.                                                                                                                      On Thursday practice high frequency words from your reading journal. Remember to look at the word, cover it, write it and then check it.                                                                                                                                              On Friday CCVC words    Complete the words and remember they are CCVC words this time. Then choose 5 CCVC words an pot them in a sentence.                                                                

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