Remote learning 7th December 2020

This weeks' learning:

Each day, read your books on Bug club. Remember to answer the questions where you see the bug.
Then read the uploaded Phase 3 reading comprehension. 

We have been reading the Dark, dark, tale. Last week, we verbally retold the story and made a story map. This week I would like you to retell the story.
1. Listen to the story HERE.
2. SPaG: Practise using capital letters and full stops in the right places in sentences with the uploaded task. 
3. Retell the story of the Dark, dark tale. Remember to use your capital letters and full stops accurately when you write your sentences. 
4. Adjectives are describing words. They describe the noun in the sentence e.g The big house. With the uploaded sentences, copy the sentence, modify the sentences with a capital letter and a full stop and add an adjective to describe the noun. 

1. Have a go at recognising and writing some of the phase 2,3 and 5 sounds. 
2. On, play some of the phase 3 games where you will need to read the words. 
3. Read the oo words in the files to download. 
4. Read the Phase 3 sentence cards
5. Practise reading the Phase 2 and 3 key words- uploaded in the Key words tab at the top of the class page.

In Science, we are learning about properties of materials.
1.  Watch the Oak national academy lesson HERE on absorbent materials. 
2. Have a go at the Materials properties quiz.
3. Then , using the 'Describe properties' sheet. Copy and complete the sentences on paper.

Files to Download

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