Remote learning 7th December 2020

This weeks' learning:

This week, we will be using the 'Snowman' story as a stimulus for writing.
1. Watch the story HERE
2. Using the pictures of the story uploaded, retell the story in your own words. 
3. Use the word mat to help you to write your own Snowman story. Perhaps the Snowman will take you to a different place? Perhaps you will meet somebody else? Perhaps you will dress your snowman using different items of clothes or items to make his face? Your story must be based on the original story but with some differences. 

Start each day off with a set of Flashback 4 questions. 
Then have a go at the questions on the worksheets uploaded.

1. Make tally charts
2. Draw pictograms
3. Interpret pictograms 
4. Big Maths: Learn its. Set a timer for 90 seconds. Answer as many questions as you can in that time. Check your answers, than answer the reminder of the questions. Did you beat your score from last time?
5. Big Maths: CLIC challenge

1. Each day, read your books on Bug club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
2. Then have a go at the comprehensions uploaded which reinforce our phonic sounds for phase 2, 3 or 5 or the 3 Billy goats gruff comprehension.
3. Using one of your books that you have read on Bug Club, write a short book review about the book. Look at the Book review template to give you an idea of what to include in your book review. 

1. Recognise and write the sounds on the Phase 3,4 and 5 phoneme mat.
2. Practise reading the words on the Phase 5 flashcards.
3. Practise reading the real and non-real words

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