Remote learning 7th December 2020

Find and download the new document called 'Thursday 10th December - Home Learning' at the bottom of this page.

This weeks' learning:

Watch the videos then have a go at the questions on the worksheets uploaded. 
Day 1: Multiply by 10
Day 2: Multiply by 100
Day 3: Divide by 10
Day 4:  Divide by 100
Day 5:a) Multiply by 1 and 0  and b) Divide by 1 and itself

In the spellings tab at the top of Year 4 class page, work through the spellings at your own pace. Choose a spelling strategy from the selection of spelling strategies uploaded. 

Each day, read your books on Bug Club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
Then have a go at one of the uploaded comprehension texts. If you have been learning your phonics in class, choose one of those texts to have a go at. 

1. Following on from the work last week, we are learning to use Apostrophes to show singular and plural possession accurately.
a) Look through the 'Showing possession' powerpoint to learn about how to use apostrophes. 
b)Have a go at the sheet adding an apostrophe to a plural noun. 

2. Use expanded noun phrases with prepositions. 
a). Look at the 'Constructing expanded noun phrases with prepositions' sheet. 
b). Using paper and a pen, write down your own expanded noun phrases- use the sheet to help you to construct sentences.  


Here's a great little brain-break Musical Moment for you to try!


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