Remote learning 9th November 2020

This weeks' learning:

This week we will be focussing on friendships and what makes a good friend.

1. Look at the powerpoint 'What makes a good friend'  and talk about how you could be a good friend to someone else.
2. Using the talk frame A friend......
Copy and finish the sentence. e.g A friend is kind.    or   A friend plays with you.  etc

Understanding the world
What is the season on Autmn like? What changes can you see in the environment when it is Autumn?
1. Have a look at the powerpoint and see if you can spot the signs of Autumn. Talk about what you can see.
2. Play the Autumn powerpoint game
3. Look at the Nocturnal animals powerpoint. How many nocturnal animals can you remember? What does nocturnal mean?

1. This week in Maths, we will be counting objects from a larger number of objects. At home, you can use any objects you have available e.g colouring pencils, or pieces of pasta. Choose a number and practice counting out that number accurately. 
2. We will also be looking at patterns. Watch this video from the Oak national academy (CLICK THIS LINK) to see if you can recognise and describe the patterns.
3. Have a go at continuing a pattern of colours. Copy the patterns you see in the snake and continue the pattern.

1. Each day, read your books on Bug Club. Remember to answer the questions where you see the Bug. 
2. Have a go at reading the Phase 2 text. Then answer the questions. 

1.Listen to and sing along to the phase 2 jolly phonics songs. CLICK HERE
2. We are practising using our phase 2 sounds to read and spell words, have a go at reading the phase2 words on the I Spy sheet and finding the matching picture. 

Expressive Arts and design
Using the pictures of the Nocturnal animals, carefully copy one of the animals. Use pencil to sketch and shade or crayons to make a colourful picture. Tell an adult what you have drawn. 



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