Remote learning 14th September 2020


Read 'Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery' to help you understand the structure of a story. Use the Story Pyramid to write very brief notes about the main parts of the story.

Think about ideas to include in your story. Use another Story Pyramid to help you plan with brief notes.



Write your own message using Egyptian hieroglyphics.



We are revisiting some vocabulary on animals and learning some basic classroom instructions in French.



Use Google Earth and an Atlas to begin looking at the physical characteristics of Egypt, including: (i) Where is Egypt in relation to the Equator; (ii) What is the main land type, and why; (iii) What kind of climate and weather does Egypt have; (iv) Why is the River Nile so important to Egyptians.



We have learnt parts of the Digestive System, now it's time to learn what they all do! 




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