Remote learning 19th October 2020

This weeks' learning:

Please share your remote learning with us by emailing a photograph of your work to the class email address:

We are really looking forward to seeing your work. 

This week, we will be focussing on subtraction. Look at the questions for each day in the files to download.
Then have a go at the Flashback 4 Maths questions to revisit a variety of Maths. Each page is followed by answer sheets, so you can check how you did.              

English                                                                                                                                                                          Instructions. So far we have written instructions using bossy verbs and numbered points. Now can you help Zapper the Alien and use some time connectives to write instructions for How to brush your teeth?   Don't forget each instruction starts on a new line and always a Capital letter.

Recap on all our Phase 3 letter sounds by saying the sounds as they appear on the powerpoint (files to download).
Then look at the 'Quick reading of words' powerpoint. say the letter sounds, then blend to read the words. We will be practising the oi, ear, air phonemes. You could try to find words with these sounds that rhyme too like soil/boil

SPaG and Reading
Read the Phase 3 sentences in the files to download then write the sentences out, ensuring you have capital letters and full stops in the correct place.

Read your books on Bugclub. Remember to answer the comprehension questions where you see the bug. 

As part of our topic, we have been learning to draw self portraits. Look in a mirror and draw your face. Ensure you are looking carefully at where your eyes, nose, mouth and ears are and sektch them. Take your time so that you ensure it is a good likeness to you. 


We are using our Sense of touch to identify different types and textures of materials. You could close your eyes and with your hand feel a piece of material. Say what it feels like for example is it rough, smooth. Then try touching the same material with your feet does it feel the same? Have a go at touching the objects on the sheet (in files to download) too. Then watch the video from the lesson from the Oak National academy here. and have a go at the quiz to see what you have learnt. 

History                                                                                                                                                                          October is known as Black History Month. Do you know who Barak Obama Is? Can you find out and complete the sheet. Ask an adult to help you find some information about him and any unfamiliar words you are not sure about.

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