Remote learning 21st September 2020

Use these video links to help with your Maths this week. Watch the videos then look at the Maths session 1,2,3 and 4 sheets in the files to download.
The children are also looking at counting objects. Count objects around the house or use the objects on the sheets in the files to download.

The children are looking at the Gingerbread man game on Topmarks - Counting, Matching and ordering.

Phonics this week
We will be looking at the sounds s,a,t,p from last week and learning our new sounds i,n,m,d 
Sing the jolly phonics songs and learn the actions for these sounds. Read the sounds - Which ones do you know?Then sort the objects according to the letter sound they  start with using the resource in the 'files to download' section.

The children have been reading the Gingerbreadman story. Read the story with an adult (see files to download) or listen to the story here:

See if you can retell the story with your family.  Who is your favourite character and why?  Look at the characters, can say say all the character's names.  What is the first sound in each word?  for example m for man.  


Files to Download

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