Remote learning 21st September 2020

Use these videos to help you with your Maths learning this week. Then have a go at the learning uploaded in the 'files to download' section.
1. Hundreds, tens, ones
2. 100s 10s 1s
3. Number lines
4. Number line to 1000

Read your bug club books on

Handwriting and SPaG
Practise your Y3 spelling words and your handwriting by writing out these words in your neatest handwriting: see files to download.
Have a go at the variety of SPaG questions in the document found in files to download. 
Spellings: look at the powerpoint explaining the spelling pattern 'i spelt with a y' then have a go at the activity sheet. 
Commas in lists: revise how to put commas when writing lists. Use the powerpoint in the files to download.


Look at the names of bones sheet and label the bones in your body.


Look at the Crocodile Sketch WAGOLL sheet and watch the video. Can you create your own sketch of one the crocodile pictures?

Files to Download

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