Remote learning 28th September 2020

Use these videos to help you with your Maths learning this week. Then have a go at the learning uploaded in the 'files to download' section.
1. Related facts
2. Bonds to 100
3. Add and subtract ones
4. 10 more and 10 less

In the files to download, read the Hansel and Gretel text and answer the questions.
Read your bug club books on

Writing We will be learning about the story Hansel and Gretel. Watch the story powerpoint and write a character description for one of your chosen characters.

This week in class, the children are looking at question marks and exclamation marks used in a sentence. Have a look at the 'punctuation' file in the files to download. 

Recap on the sounds from last week. Then play the phonics games on username: march 20 password: home
Phase 2 recap the sounds learnt so far  see 'picture and sound boards' files to download
Phase 3 tricky words see files to download
Phase 5  split digraphs see files to download

Review the seven continents and 5 oceans

Science: this week in science we will be looking at the basic needs for human and other animals to survive. Have a go at sorting the things needed by animals and humans.

Computing: this week we will be looking at IT all around us and what actually is IT? Watch the video and see if you can identify IT/not IT in the files to download activity. 

What is IT?

RE this week we will be learning about the church and what it is like from the inside. Take a look at the activity in the files to download. 

Files to Download

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