Remote learning week beginning 5th October 2020

Reception will be learning all about shapes this week. Watch the shape video and see if you can name some of the shapes. Then have a go at the maths shape activities in the files to download.   

Phonics this week
We will be looking at the sounds g,o,c,k from last week and learning our new sounds ck,e,u,r. We will also be learning the two tricky words 'to, the'.
Watch the phonics video to hear how to pronounce these sounds and then try the phonics workbook activity in the files to download.  Phonics video link

The children will be learning all about the story 'Brown bear, brown bear'. This week we will be learning all about the animals and using adjectives to describe them. Watch the story in the files to download and see if you can say the colour name of each of the animals. Then have a go with the reading challenge with a grown up to match the sentence to the correct animal.

Files to Download

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