This weeks' learning:

Watch the videos then answer the questions from the question sheets. 

Day 1: Recap Equivalent fractions
Day 2: Simplify fractions
Day 3: Recap Improper fractions to mixed numbers
Day 4: Recap Mixed numbers to improper fractions
Day 5: Big Maths. Set a timer for 100 seconds. See how many questions you can answer correctly in this time. Check your answers. Then continue to answer the rest of the questions. 

This week we are looking at Homophones and Near homophones and how we spell them. 
1. Look at the powerpoint to learn about homophones. 
2. Have a go at the homophones activity.
3. Their they're and there homophones activity.
4. Where wear were we're homophones activity

We are also learning how to write subordinate clauses.
1. Look at the powerpoint to learn about subordinate clauses. 
2. Then choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star subordinate clause activity to have a go at.
3. Then practice using a subordinate clause to extend a sentence and add more information to the main clause. See if you can do this at the beginning of the sentence, the middle and the end of a sentence. 

1. Practice the high frequency word lists of Year 5 and year 6 spellings in the tab at the top of the class page. Work through these at your own pace.
2. This week we are looking at words which use hyphens to join a prefix to a word where there is a vowel on the end of the prefix and at the start of the root word. Look at the poster which shows you how these are used.
3. Practice the spellings on the list of words: 'Look, cover, write, check Using hyphens with prefixes' sheet.

Each day, read your books on Bug club. Don't forget to answer the questions where you see the bug.
Then have a go at the comprehension which has been uploaded. (Running)


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