This weeks' learning:

Read the information about the Greek Gods and Goddesses. 
The make a fact file for one or more of the Gods using the information. Think about how you are going to set out your writing to make your fact file appealing. Use the fact file template to help you design your own fact file.

This week we will be looking at Adverbial phrases. Look at the powerpoint in the files to download and identify the adverbial phrase in the sentence.

This week in class we will be thinking about the light spectrum and how white light is made up of a spectrum of colours. Have a look at the Oak learning lesson on where different colours we see come from. Click Here

This week in Maths we are learning about subtraction. Watch the videos and have a go at the questions uploaded in the files to download.

Day 1: Subtracting two 4 digit numbers, 1 exchange
Day 2: Subtracting two 4digit numbers, more than 1 exchange
Day 3: Subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits (column method)
Day 4: Round, estimate and approximate
Day 5: Have a go at the Flashback 4 questions in the files to download. Check your answers and see how you did.

Files to Download

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