Use these videos to help with your Maths learning this week. Then have a go at the learning uploaded in the 'files to download' section.
1. Y5 6 T  compare and order numbers to one million
2. Y5 6 T round numbers to one million
3. Y5 6 T negative numbers
4. Y5 6 T Roman numerals

Read your bug club books on www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Have a go at the variety of SPaG questions in the document in the files to download section. 
Homophones. Use the worksheets to find the words which have the same pronunciation but have different meanings. 
This week Y5/6T are looking at Adverbs. Look at the Adverbials word mat or Adverbials revision in the files to download section then have a go at the questions in the:
1. Adverbs of time worksheet
2. Adverb of manner quiz
3. Adverb of place quiz.

This week in class, the children are looking at words with the prefixes 'inter' and 'auto'. Read the spelling words in the files to download, then find the meanings of some of the words. Find out what the meanings of these prefixes are. 

Read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur then use the vocabulary mat to retall the story in your own words. Read the Myth of Medusa. Write a description of Medusa. 

This week Y5/6 will be investigating  show shadows. Follow this link, watch the video and complete the quiz. 

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