This week's suggested timetable:



Remember to practise your timestables and spellings each day.

The Y3/4 and Y5/6 National Curriculum words can be found in the 'Reading and spelling key words' tab at the top of the Year 5/6B class page.



Y5 & 6

Day 1: What is volume?
Day 2: Volume - counting cubes
Day 3: Volume of a cuboid
Day 4: Percentage of an amount (1)
Day 5: Percentage of an amount (2)

True or False

As usual, we have uploaded the answers for this week's activities so you can mark your own. Play the roll of the teacher! You can mark it before sending it to us. We will then have a look at how you have done, and feedback as soon as we are able.  We can help with any misconceptions you may have.

Retrieval Practice: 2D and 3D Shape Crosswords


Day 1: Bug Club: You have a range of levelled fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in your Bug Club library. Remember, wherever you see a bug there is a question waiting to be answered!
Day 2: The Telephone Box Reading Comprehension.
Day 3: Bug Club.
Day 4: 40 Days In a Cave Reading Comprehension.
Day 5: First News.


Day 1: Click HERE to watch the video of King Penguins and then complete the 'Word Challenge' listing powerful adverbial phrases.
Day 2: Click on ‘The Grammar Bit’ to revise how to use bullet points consistently.
Day 3: Click HERE to watch the video again, and then complete the ‘Whiteboard Challenges’
Day 4: Complete the uploaded ‘Nature Worksheet’.
Day 5: Time to practise your weekly spellings.
Y5 & Y6 Spellings - Words with an /or/ sound spelt 'or'.
Y6 Spellings -  Words with endings which sound like /shuhl/ after a vowel letter. Complete the uploaded '-cial' spelling activity.

Speed Writing.PNG


Day 1: Revise the features of an instructional text.  Read the uploaded POWERPOINT.
Day 2: Read Shaun Tan's 'Make your own pet'. What features of instructions can you spot? What do you like about the text?         

pet 2.jpgpet 1.jpg

Day 3: Plan your instructions for making your own pet. Click HERE to help you with the planning.

Day 4: Edit and improve your instructions.  Remember to check that you have included the features of an instriuction text!
Day 5: Present and illustrate your instructions.


Monday: Enjoy Indoor Recess: Nickelodeon Edition.

Wednesday: 'Squish the Fish' - Scroll down to join in with this Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure.



We are continuing to think about whether graffiti can be considered as art.  We are going to paint our graffiti name tags designed last week in vibrant colours.

Name in Graffiti style | Graffiti names, Graffiti, Graffiti art letters

We are also going to learn how to sew this week using running stitch and back stitch, making our stitches as small and as neat as possible.  We will be using metal needles and sewing on felt. Perhaps you can have a go at home.

A Running Stitch How-To And A Free Printable To Practice On · How To Stitch  · Needlework on Cut Out + Keep



Think about the times that you, or someone else, has become embarassed. What made the situation worse? What strategies could you have used to make the situation better? Read throught the uploaded POWERPOINT and INSTRUCTIONS. Complete the TASK of drawing a comic strip of an embarassing thing that has happened to you. Annotate it to show what you could have done to lessen the feeling of embarassment.


After looking at the difference between justice and freedom, this week we will look at human rights and how this is related to justice and freedom. Read through the uploaded POWERPOINT, and then complete the uploaded sorting activity.


This week, we will be introducing different family members. Go through the uploaded POWERPOINT and complete the task on the last slide.


Scroll down to a find a body percussion activity. Enjoy!


Happy learning Y5/6! 



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