Y5/6 Summer 1 Week1 w/c 19.04.21 

Remember to practise your spellings.
The Y3/4 and Y5/6 National Curriculum words can be found in the 'Reading and spelling key words' tab at the top of the Year 5/6B class page.


This week we would like you to look at the maths work from your year group. As usual, please watch the introductory video and then complete the questions from the uploaded worksheet.
Y5 There is only a video for Monday’s lesson this week.
Day 1: Measure with a protractor https://vimeo.com/537307567
Day 2: Identify angles
Day 3: Compare and order angles
Day 4: Calculate angles on a straight line
Day 5: Y5 arithmetic paper
Flashback 4

Y6 There are only videos for Monday and Tuesday’s lessons this week.
Day 1: Measure with a protractor https://vimeo.com/537307567 
Day 2: Introduce angles https://vimeo.com/537312662 
Day 3: Calculate angles
Day 4: Vertically opposite angles
Day 5: Y6 arithmetic paper
Flashback 4

As usual, we have uploaded the answers for this week's activities so you can mark your own. Play the role of the teacher! You can mark it before sending it to us. We will then have a look at how you have done, and feedback as soon as we are able.  We can help with any misconceptions you may have.


Day 1: Bug Club: You have a range of levelled fiction, non-fiction and poetry books in your Bug Club library. Remember, wherever you see a bug there is a question waiting to be answered!
Day 2: 60 minute read: Queen Victoria’s Coronation Diary
Day 3: The circulatory system reading comprehension 
Day 4: Your Brain and You reading comprehension
Day 5: Rabbit Girl reading comprehension

Reading for pleasure: This week's, 'Author of the Week' in the Virtual Library is Barbara Henderson. CLICK HERE to read her book 'Punch', watch an exclusive video with the author and read a Q&A.


Day 1: Spelling – practise the Y5&6 NC words. 
SPaG – Complete the modal verbs to indicate degrees of possibility TASKs. Watch the PowerPoints and use the modal verb display to help you.
Day 2: Read the uploaded story ‘Eric’, then answer the uploaded comprehension questions.
Day 3: Complete the uploaded modal verbs TASK based around ‘Eric’.
Day 4: Read the uploaded story ‘Wake’, then answer the uploaded comprehension questions.
Day 5: Complete the uploaded punctuation TASK.


Enjoy a Dance Party with Tanzii TV!
Fortnite Dance Party- click on the title for the link
Among Us Fitness Workout- click on the title for the link


Our new topic this half term is ‘Animals including Humans’. This week we will be learning about blood and the function of the blood vessels. 
We are learning that red blood cells carry oxygen, white blood cells fight infection, platelets help to prevent bleeding, and that plasma is the medium in which these components are suspended. 
Complete the uploaded TASK - create a pie chart showing the percentage of each component by volume in a typical sample of blood. Use the uploaded ‘How to use a protractor’ to help you.


Our new topic this half term is ‘Relationships’. This week we will be thinking about the people that are important to us and learning how to give and receive a compliment. Watch the POWERPOINT and then complete the uploaded TASK.
Be your own hero – What kind of person would you like to be like? What characteristics would they have?
Kind, honest, brave, hardworking, thoughtful, polite, considerate, patient… Draw an outline of that person and label it with some of these and/or other characteristics. This is now the person you are going to try and be. 


We hope you have a great week of learning! 


Week1 w/c: 19.04.21 Y5/6 Summer 1

Y5/69.00 - 10.30amBreak

11.00 - 12.00pm



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Day 2

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