This weeks' learning

Watch the videos and then answer the questions.
Day 1: Read and interpret line graphs
Day 2: Draw line graphs
Day 3: Use line graphs to solve problems
Day 4: Read and interpret tables
Day 5: Two-way tables

1. Practice the year 3, 4, 5 and year 6 spelling words in the tab at the top of the class page. Work through these at your own pace. 
2. Suffixes: -ant  -ent. Watch the Oak National academy lesson on these suffixes Here
Then practice spelling the words saved in the files to download. 

this term we will be learning all about Earthquakes. What do you already know about Earthquakes? Make notes of your knowledge prior to starting this topic, Then make a list of questions of what you would like to find out about Earthquakes. 

Follow the link on the 'How does an Earthquake occur'

1. Each day, read your books on bug club. www.activelearnprimary.co.uk
Remember to answer the questions where you see the bug. 
2. Have a go at the reading comprehension on Earthquakes. Choose a  1 star, 2 star or 3 star level comprehension. 

What is an architect? In the files to download, read about some famous architects. Which of these architects do you admire the most? Make a fact file about the architect. Include details such as: Their name and date of birth/death. Which buildings they are famous for designing. A description of their designs. A careful sketch of one of their buildings. 

Files to Download

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