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This week's suggested timetable:



This week we would like you to look at the maths work from your year group. As usual, please watch the introductory video then complete the questions from the uploaded worksheet.  

Y5  Day 1 is the only lesson with a White Rose video this week. 

Day 1: Kilometres (Recap)
Day 2: Kilograms and kilometres      BBC Bitesize Video - Measuring weight - grams and kilograms
Day 3: Millimetres and millilitres 
Day 4: Metric units                          BBC Bitesize Video - What are metric measurements? 
Day 5: Imperial units                       BBC Bitesize Video - What are imperial measurements? 

True or False? 

Day 1: Metric measures
Day 2: Convert metric measures
Day 3: Calculate with metric measures
Day 4: Miles and kilometres
Day 5: Imperial units

Flashback 4

Note to Y6s: Due to the interruption in your learning last year, you will have missed some learning on measurement. Please give these activities a go, but if you are finding these too tricky take a look at the Y5 Maths lessons.

As usual, we have uploaded the answers for this week's activities so you can mark your own. Play the roll of the teacher! You can mark it before sending it to us. We will then have a look at how you have done, and feedback as soon as we are able.  We can help with any misconceptions you may have.

Retrieval Practice: Y5 & Y6 arithmetic paper. Just to let you know, if was a test in school you would have 15 minutes to compete the paper!



For this week's reading, there are a variety of activities for you to complete.

Day 1: CLICK HERE to listen to the introduction of 'Into The Forest' by Antony Browne, then CLICK HERE to answer questions about the text.
Day 2: CLICK HERE to answer more questions on 'Into The Forest' (2).
Day 3: CLICK HERE to answer even more questions on the text (3).
Day 4: CLICK HERE to analyse the author's use of colours.

Reading for pleasure: This week's, 'Author of the Week' in the Virtual Library is Konnie Huq. CLICK HERE to read / listen to  'Cookie and the Most Annoying Boy in the World' (It is only available until Sunday 14th February).

Readathon Live! Why not join in with a mass reading of a poem 'Mrs City' from children and families across Sheffield? Submit your reading before Wednesday 10th February and watch it on the internet Monday 15th. CLICK HERE for more information from the Sheffield volunteer-run libraries who have organised it. It is based on the theme, 'Our City Reads'.



Day 1: Spellings: You have a new set of weekly spellings to practise. Don't forget to find the definition for each word. Perhaps you could ask someone at home to test you on your spellings on Friday. Can you beat / equal your highest score? 

Play the What is the present perfect tense? POWERPOINT and complete the task on the final slide.

Day 2: Sorting Sentences - Separate the present perfect from the simple past. Choose the one, two or three star ACTIVITY.
Day 3:  Play the Present Perfect POWERPOINT and answer the fluency, reasoning and application questions.
Day 4:  CLICK HERE to investigate the letter string -fer.
Day 5:  CLICK HERE to practise and apply knowledge of the letter string -fer.



Day 2: Chapter 4  - CLICK HERE to listen to Chapter 4 being read and / or read the uploaded copy. Then answer the uploaded true and false questions and reading comprehension.  Complete the Glossary Challenge. LESSON STARTER

Day 3: Reread Chapter 4 starting from page 49 'I sat up...'. Create a storyboard of Michael’s ‘awakening’ on the beach and journey around the island. Where does he go? What is he looking for? Then add emotions / feelings (both physical and emotional) to your storyboard. LESSON STARTER



Day 4: Write the journey around the island as an 'Island log' similar to the 'Ship's log'. You should write in the 1st person and use the past tense. LESSON STARTER 



Day 5:  Write Now! Look at the uploaded 'About to hatch...' TASK. Read the story starter and continue the writing. Use the 'Question Time' to help you with ideas for your writing. Aim to write for 30 - 40 minutes and produce at least a page of A4. You may want to read your finished piece to someone in your family and see what they think. We look forward to reading them too. LESSON STARTER

About to hatch ...



Monday: Your Celebrity Supply Teacher is Marcus Rashford

Manchester United and England superstar Marcus Rashford delivers a very special PE lesson as he demonstrates a stretch and warm-up routine designed to get fans ready for a big game or sporting event. He discusses how he was spotted by Manchester United scouts as a boy and what his alternative career may have been if football hadn’t worked out.

  Marcus Rashford


Click here to join in with one of Joe Wicks' 8 minute exercises.

Click here to join in with another one of Joe Wicks' 8 minute exercises.


Thursday:  The iMovement is updated daily with new activties. It includes quick blast videos (such as Samba and Disco) and along with mental health and wellbeing sessions (Guided Pilates and a Worry Monster activity). CLICK HERE for the link. 



Monday: Learn the difference between mobile, physical and wireless networks. 

CLICK HERE to read about network hardware.

CLICK HERE to read about hardware and network technologies.

Complete the uploaded activity - Understanding Computer Networks.

Why not try our computing quiz? CLICK HERE


Tuesday: Internet Safety Day: Today (Tuesday 9th February) is online safety day. To mark this we will look at what it means to stay safe online.

To access the Live Lesson on BBC Teach CLICK HERE at 11am. You will learn about how you can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world,

CLICK HERE to watch the 'Virtual Assembly'. Use this information to design your own 'Internet Safety' poster. Use the uploaded template to help. Why not try the uploaded QUIZ too.



What skills and attributes make a good learner? This week we want you to teach something new to someone else.  We have uploaded a POWERPOINT, the INSTRUCTIONS and the TASK.



Enjoy another Musical Moment from the Sheffield Music Hub



CLICK HERE to learn some useful phrases to help you talk about what you like to eat and drink. CLICK HERE to watch Ben improve his French as he links up online with friends who are in a supermarket in Marseille.



Play the Tudor Explorers POWEPOINT. Your task is to write a fact file about one of them. You may need to conduct further research to find out more facts about your chosen explorer.



Continue to use this board to share where you have been in the world. Were you on holiday there? Visiting family? Perhaps you could share a photograph of your favourite memory from there. Please remember to put your name, and your reason for being there.

Can you find where the teachers have been? Post a comment or ask a question to show you have found our 'pins'.



We are really enjoying how Y5/6 are using this board to share what they are doing and how they are feeling. Your kind messages to other members of Y5/6 and positive thoughts are wonderful to read. smiley


Keep safe, keep smiling and have another fun week of learning Y5/6.

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