The suggested timetable for this week's learning.

Watch the introductory video, then complete the questions from the uploaded worksheet. 
Day 1: Multiply decimals by integers
Day 2: Divide decimals by integers
Day 3: Division to solve problems
Day 4: Decimals as fractions
Day 5: Please complete the uploaded Flashback 4 and BIG Maths activites

We have uploaded the answers for this week's activities so you can mark your own. Play the role of the teacher! You can mark it before sending it to us. We will then have a look at how you have done, and feedback as soon as we are able.  We can help with any misconceptions you may have.

Revision: Revision on the fractions objectives has been requested by a number of you. CLICK HERE to watch a video on multiplying fractions.  If you wish you can then complete the activity worksheet.  


Day 1: Spellings: You have a new set of weekly spellings. Remember to find the definition for each word. You could ask someone at home to test you on Friday. Can you beat / equal your highest score?

This week, we would like you to complete an activity from the Natural Curriculum website we have used in class before. CLICK HERE to find this week's objective - we are focusing on direct speech ... again!

Day 2: Watch the video and complete the word challenge.
Day 3: Read the scintillating sentences and replace the action words with your own ideas.
Day 4: Complete the three whiteboard challenges.
Day 5: Complete the activity worksheet - we have uploaded this for you.


This week we have uploaded a digital copy of the children's newspaper 'First News' for you to read and  choosen some activities for you to complete related to this week's news.

Day 1: Read articles that interest you from the uploaded First News newspaper.
Day 2: Four Stories Activity. Choose one or two comprehensions to complete.
Day 3: Time for something different ... a crossword.

Day 4: Heracles Reading Comprehension (Slightly Easier)
Day 5: Dear Humans Reading Comprehension (Slightly Tricker)

You still have a range of allocated books on Bug Club. Remember, wherever you see a bug there is a question waiting to be answered!


Day 1: Revise the past, present and future progressive tense. LESSON CLICK HERE
Day 2: Write in role as Michael recounting what has happened. (Part 2) LESSON STARTER CLICK HERE

The above piece of writing is from a previous child.  You can use this and the uploaded WAGOLL to help you write the first part.

Day 3: Edit and redraft your writing - complete the uploaded task

Day 4: Reading of Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 2 - Water, water everywhere  STORY CLICK HERE

           Complete the uploaded task 

Day 5: Chapter 2 - Water, water, everywhere - reading comprehension

Complete the questions, use the page numbers to locate the information needed and then check with the answers.


Monday: Have a look at the uploaded sheet for instructions to the dance 'The Captain's Coming'

CLICK on the track name below to listen to the music. 

Catch Me if you Can 

Sailor's Jig

Something Wonderful

Thursday: CLICK HERE to try something different - Tanzii TV have created five minute lockdown workouts for children. Who do you prefer Joe Wickes, Go Noodle or Tanzii TV? 


This half term we are looking at the artist Katsushika Hokusai. Take a look at some of his work and use the questions to have a careful think about his art.


Explore this interactive circuit builder to help you complete the uploaded activity.  Be warned, the activity will get you thinking!


The topic for PSHCE this term is, 'Going for Goals'. We have uploaded instructions, a presentation and an activity for you to complete.


You can use this board to share where you have been in the world. Were you on holiday there? Visiting family? Perhaps you could share a photograph of your favourite memory from there.


CLICK HERE to create your own opera inspired song with Blob Opera.


Share what is important to you, what are your words of wisdom? See the uploaded activity to help you.


You can use this board to share how you are keeping in lockdown. You can share kind messages to other members of Y5/6, or even pictures of things you have created at home. Keep safe and keep smiling! smiley


Happy learning everyone! Remember if you have any queries or questions please email us! laugh

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